Those pregnant with anticipation for the return of The Office tonight may be wondering: Hey, speaking of pregnant, will Angela Kinsey’s real-life pregnancy be written into the show? After all, her character, Angela Martin (far left), is about to pair up with Andy (Ed Helms). “The actress is pregnant — not the character,” says exec producer Greg Daniels. “Any pregnancy that the character has will be on the schedule that the character needs to have it be on. And apparently it’s not that hard to remove the pregnancy digitally. You would not believe the technology — the CGI stuff has come down in price. We could make Dwight pregnant if we needed to with CGI. Or a pillow.”

And while we’re answering questions, here’s another one: Where is the Jim-Pam romance headed? While the Dunder Mifflin HQ has been rather mum on the subject, John Krasinski (Jim) seems to indicate that the Jam bond will deepen. “All I can hint at is that the most logical next steps — in any relationship — would be bigger decisions, whether it’s moving in or something like that,” shares Krasinski, who’s been enjoying the “gutsy” decision to bring these co-workers together. “What happens to a relationship when the ‘What would happen?’ fantasy is starting to become a reality? You forget how difficult decisions like that are. When you’re watching on TV, it’s like, ‘For god sakes, move in together!’ It’s fun because you start dealing with the stress that comes with things like that.”