Patrick Stewart, Macbeth (2008)
Credit: Richard Termine/BAM

Macbeth (2008)

Hotshot Brit director Rupert Goold boldly reconceives the Scottish play in the Soviet era with cinematic flourishes (a touch of Peter Greenaway here, a dab of Stanley Kubrick there). Macbeth‘s staging can be revelatory, as when Lady Macbeth (Kate Fleetwood) goes to wash her hands and the sink spouts blood. Or playing the banquet scene pre- and post-intermission, with and without Banquo’s ghost. Goold’s gambits don’t all work (the witches’ ”toil and trouble” rap), and Patrick Stewart sometimes slips into histrionics in the title role. But in a memorable performance, he screws his courage to the sticking place. (718-636-4100) B+

Macbeth (2008)
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