You’d think the King of the Hill writers would’ve been surprised to hear that Fox just renewed their animated comedy for a 13th season. After all, for the past five years, the network has bumped their show around Sunday nights, preempted it for sports, and even canceled it briefly during season 10. But they react to their show’s fate much as their characters stand around in the alley sipping beer: with an unfazed Ayup and Mm-hmm. “It used to be very frustrating,” says exec producer John Altschuler. “Until we realized we do a show with great writers and great actors about really interesting subject matter, so let’s just keep doing it and hope for the best.” At this point, they can envision a world where KOTH lasts forever. “It’s like inductive reasoning tells you that because the sun always comes up, it’s gonna keep coming up,” says exec producer Jim Dauterive. “That’s the way I feel about this show.”