By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated April 10, 2008 at 10:01 PM EDT
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Let me tell you why I’m leaning toward the latter response to this teaser for the show’s post-strike return (below). I get that they’re trying to attract some new eyeballs with a little controversy here — it’s a buzz grab, right down to the oh-so-edgy inclusion of an obscenity-implying acronym. But what’s so provocative about this imagery, really? “Hey, America, our show has high-schoolers! Who have sex! With each other!” Way to push an envelope that was already pushed to death 18 years ago on 90210. The only thing that really makes this ad stand out is just how aggressively it objectifies the show’s stars. Don’t good soaps need some sort of character arcs for all those unrealistically perfect bodies to act out? I’m no prude when it comes to frank portrayals of sex on TV, but this feels more exploitative than ground-breaking. Doesn’t it?

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! Xoxo!
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