Jason Patric, Catherine Keener
Credit: Everett Collection

Here’s a sorta unusual list, counting down the 20 best feel-bad movies of the last 20 years. These are different from standard tearjerkers, movies that go for the melodramatic in order to elicit a cathartic sniffle; rather, these are movies with an essentially tragic view of life, yet which are full of the vitality of the human experience in even the most adverse and painful circumstances. I’m glad someone paid tribute to the oddly exhilarating, cleansingfeeling of despair one gets from watching an exquisitely crafteddowner, and it’s particularly good to see shoutouts to The Sweet Hereafter, Igby Goes Down, Henry Fool, Safe, and Lilya 4-Ever. Still, how can you make a list of recent feel-bad movies without mentioning Neil LaBute (particularly Your Friends and Neighbors, pictured) or Todd Solondz or Lars von Trier? Where’s Requiem for a Dream, or Maria Full of Grace, or Magnolia? List your favorite feel-bad movies below; you’ll feel better, I promise.

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