Just in time to sooth worldwide protests over human rights abuse in China, Axl and co. have made good on their promise to complete the long-awaited Chinese Democracy album. According to the NME (via, the music has been delivered to their label, Geffen; the two sides merely need hammer out the finer details regarding money and rights issues — the album reportedly cost more than $13 million to produce — before the album, 14 years in the making, hits the marketplace.

I’m gonna take this news with a horselick-sized block of salt, but IMO, it’s a win-win situation: We get the tunes, or we each get a free can of bubbly. (Which, at the time of writing, according to the US census, would end up costing Dr Pepper $303,822,220 — or more than 23 times the album’s production cost, assuming each can costs a dollar and that GN’R guitarists Slash and Buckethead don’t get serviced). Start planning those Dr Pepper parties now!

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(Editor’s note: Thanks to the readers who pointed out the fact that we get free soda and music or nothing at all. We stand corrected.)

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