Annie Lennox fans, be warned: Travel the world and the seven seas, and you may never find a campaign endorsement as hilariously bad as this one. I might have a twisted definition of the word “must,” but I feel it’s imperitive to share the joy and laughter that this “McCain Girls” music video has in store for you (it’s in the YouTubey, D.I.Y. tradition of Obama Girl, but with even less production value).

In a country where Ryan Seacrest has us all programmed to cast votes for good singing, this crime against the Eurythmics can not be helping the presidential hopeful’s cause. However, you can help our cause here at EW by letting us know which items (up to three) are on your Must List this week — be it music, television, movies, videogames, you name it. Remember to include your e-mail address in case your pick is selected. We hope by the end of the day it will be raining ideas in the comments section.

UPDATE: Alas, the copyright lawyers have gotten the “Here Comes McCain Again” clip pulled, but the “It’s Raining McCain” video is still there at the link above. If you happen to see the McCain Girls’ Eurythmics cover pop up again elsewhere, let us know in the comments section.