The Game, Chris Evans, ...

So I went to see an advance screening of Street Kings, in theaters Friday, because I felt like I hadn’t seen Keanu Reeves (pictured, right, with co-stars Chris Evans and The Game) in a while. (I told Josh Wolk that in the elevator, and he responded, “What, you didn’t see The Lake House?” Clearly, he expected me to say no; obviously, I couldn’t. I will never be able to resist Reeves as a romantic leading man. Just as Slezak will never be able to resist defending his performance in Sweet November.) Now, I’m not the target audience audience for a serious, violent cop flick — I prefer funny and violent. Nor do I typically seek out anything that involves Jay Mohr. But I enjoyed Street Kings. Particularly, when I spied Flavor of Love playing on a television in the background of a foot chase-through-a-house scene. It was the NSFW clip of Pumpkin spitting in New York’s face. Keep an eye out for it.

That made me wonder what random visual references I might have missed in other movies. Let’s all share one that we’ve caught. Judging from the box office, I’m guessing I’m the only one who noticed that Team America: World Police poster hanging in Simon Pegg’s flat in Run Fat Boy Run. (If you saw my Q&A with Pegg, you know that was his way of apologizing for using a montage, a device that his buddies Trey Parker and Matt Stone had brilliantly skewered in Team America.)

Your turn.