Our reactions thus far to the still-in-post-production Repo! The Genetic Opera — the sung-through sci-fi/horror musical about organ donation and repossession, starring Paris Hilton, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, and Paul Sorvino — have ranged from bemusement to skepticism. Still, we have to give the film props for its retro-grimy Soviet-style poster art. You’ve probably seen the poster featuring Hilton popping up around the Web, but here’s an exclusive look at the Sorvino one in full. Creepy, no? The film, currently in post-production, seems not to have a firm release date (Lionsgate will likely release it this fall), but you can track its progress on its official website and its MySpace page, where you can also hear some of the songs. I was hoping for a tune called “50 Ways to Lose Your Liver,” but alas, no such luck.