The season 3 vet riffs on the not-so-inspiring ''inspirational songs'' night

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Credit: David Cook: Frank Micelotta; Jon Peter Lewis: Nigel Skeet

‘Idol’: Jon Peter Lewis quizzes you

Welcome to the American Idol Top 8 Uninspired True/False quiz. [Insert clever comment about Idol not giving back here.] I’m Jon Peter Lewis and I’ll be your host. I’ll be listing some true and false statements and providing the correct answers. Let’s start with some easy ones:

I threw something at my TV. (True)

I didn’t destroy it as I hoped. (True)

One more song about flying without wings or the like and I’ll throw it down some stairs. (True)

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Okay, let’s try a few more.

I heard Fantasia sing ”I Believe” 51 times while on tour, and she was amazing every time. (True)

Syesha deserves to stay after her rendition of that song. (False)

Kristy Lee Cook surprisingly was one of the best of the night. (True)

Carly Smithson looked a bit like Freddy Mercury with her spandex top. (True)

David Archuleta fans should not be allowed to make signs encouraging his lip licking. (True)

David Cook was pretty disappointing last night. (True)

David Cook will be in the bottom 3. (False)

Everyone sounded as tired as little David A. looked. (True)

It’s easy to come up with a hit song week in and week out. (False)

Contestants are most likely burnt out and ready for a break. (True)

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American Idol‘s Ford commercials are an important artistic contribution to pop culture. (False)

American Idol‘s Ford commercials are fun for the contestants to put together. (True)

American Idol contestants would rather be sleeping during Ford commercial shoots. (True)

Group songs are reminiscent of High School Musical. (True)

I’m going off on a tangent with the Ford commercials and group songs right now. (True)

Idol contestants showed a lot of depth and personality with their song choices last night. (False)

How’s it going? Tired? I know I am. Okay, I’ll wrap it up with one more:

Theme nights suck the life out of American Idol contestants. (True)

Thanks so much for taking the quiz. Feel free to tell me how you scored. And if you have any statements to add, by all means… Be nice, bloggers! :-)

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