Can't wait till September for your next ''Heroes'' fix? Here's a first look at a new webcomic from the folks behind the show. Plus: The behind-the-scenes scoop from writer Chuck Kim

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Although NBC’s tangly sci-fi drama Heroes doesn’t return until mid-September (again, damn that strike!), take heart, fans: You won’t have to wait until the fall for some kind of superhero conspiracy fix. In what series writer Chuck Kim calls ”a mini-spin-off,” a new installment of a web comic, focusing on the show’s mysterious Company — that secret, possibly sinister, organization that monitors ”gifted” humans — will debut each Tuesday starting April 15 at

”We’re basically focusing on a group of agents within the Company,” says Kim, who also penned this online story arc, which will run weekly for five months. ”We’ll be seeing Bob and Elle and The Haitian in there, and we’ll be touching on HRG [a.k.a. Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man or Noah Bennett]. The story will start at right about the end of season two.” (The second issue of the web comic will make clear where, exactly, the new events fit into the Heroes timeline.) New Company characters include the mysterious Donna Dunlap, seen here in’s exclusive first look; the son of HRG’s former boss, Thompson, a young guy without powers who’s currently being dubbed only as ”Thompson Jr.”; a mother-daughter team; an engaged pair of agents; and Felicia, who trains recruits. ”We’ll basically see the story through the eyes of a new recruit,” Kim adds. ”We’ll also be examining the relationship between — for lack of a better term — the human agents and the ones with powers, and the dynamic that creates within the Company.” Plus, here’s a juicy tidbit: ”We’ll learn that there’s someone within the Company who’s trying to bring it down.”

As was the case with previous Heroes web comics — remember the introduction of electronic-transmission-inceptor Hana? — several of the new characters will eventually turn up in new episodes. ”I can’t tell you which ones,” Kim says. ”But this way, you’ll actually find out a bit more about them before you actually see them premiere in the show.” Alas, if you’re looking for scoop on the current peril of big-gun characters like Niki and Nathan here, you’ll just have to wait. ”Well,” Kim interjects coyly, ”you know at the end of season 2, we saw Niki blow up in a building?” Yes? Yes? ”We probably won’t reveal what happened to her.” — Tanner Stransky