By Clark Collis
April 09, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

Bra Boys

Snigger all you like at the name of this Russell Crowe-narrated documentary, but it would be a foolish man who laughed at its subjects — a gang of tough-nut surfers from the poverty-stricken Sydney suburbs. Bra Boys is partly a straightforward surf movie with impressive wave-catching footage. However, other sections track the legal troubles of Jai Abberton, a Bra Boy who was tried and acquitted of murder. This makes for an often fascinating but awkward mix. The film also positions the Bra Boys as do-gooders somewhere between Mother Teresa and Spider-Man, highlighting their antidrug stance and diplomatic dealings with other gangs. This might be connected to the fact that it was directed by Abberton’s brother and fellow Bra Boy, Sunny. B-

Bra Boys

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