I’ve decided not to vote for Barack Obama, now that I’ve learned from this informative interview with presidential pundit Snoop Dogg that the candidate’s campaign is actually funded by the KKK. Oh, I know it sounds ludicrous, and I realize that it’s curious that Snoop didn’t mention it during his recent political chat with Larry King, and I know Obama has categorically denied it, but still, who you gonna believe: a politician, or the Constitutional scholar who penned this treatise on First Amendment free speech rights (specifically, defending the right of rappers to use words like ‘bitch” and “ho”)? I don’t know, by the way, whether it’s also true that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is secretly funded by a shadowy organization of male chauvinists, or that John McCain’s is secretly funded by hippie peaceniks, but I’m sure Snoop will investigate those topics next, and I breathlessly await his report.

addCredit(“Snoop Dogg and Barack Obama: Michael Tran/FilmMagic; Scott Gries/Getty Images”)