Faster than you can say “Moment of Truth movie,” word has surfaced that a telefilm could be in the works about “the pregnant man,” Thomas Beatie. has learned that some networks, including Lifetime and one of the broadcast networks, have been shopped a project about about the 34-year-old Oregon man who was born a girl and decided to become a man a decade ago by taking testosterone and undergoing surgery to remove his breasts, according to published reports. Now married, Beatie was artifically inseminated and is now carrying a “healthy” baby. Beatie and his wife, Nancy, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show on April 3 and are featured in the current issue of People. So far, it’s not known whether any network has yet to purchase the rights. In fact, one network executive wasn’t quite sure how to react when she first got the pitch via her cell phone. Her reaction, according to a source: “What? Who’s pregnant?”