Turning heartache into art -- ''Cry Me a River'' and ''The First Wives Club'' began when a relationship ended

How do you pick up the pieces after a bad breakup? By making art, of course! We survey the damage.

Sea Change
Fans say splitting with his longtime girlfriend drove Beck to ditch his jokey ways.

I Love New York 2
After three reality-show rejections, Tiffany Pollard finally found love on screen.

Blood on the Tracks
Did the angst of separating from wife Sara fuel Bob Dylan’s 10 tender songs?

”Don’t Speak”
Gwen Stefani seemed happy to sing about bandmate Tony Kanal, if not to talk to him.

Lost in Translation
Squint at the photographer in Sofia Coppola’s flick and you may see ex Spike Jonze.

The First Wives Club
Scribe Olivia Goldsmith exacted the sweetest divorce revenge: box office gold.

I Married a Communist
Philip Roth’s pen-and-ink response to ex Claire Bloom’s scathing memoir.

”Cry Me a River”
Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, ’nuff said.

In her book-turned-film, Nora Ephron puts the real burn on ex-husband Carl Bernstein.