Ving Rhames, Radha Mitchell (Feast of Love, Finding Neverland) and Rosamund Pike (Fracture, Fugitive Pieces) will star opposite Bruce Willis in Disney’s sci-fi thriller The Surrogates, based on a graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele. The story, set in the near future, is about humans living in isolation and only interacting through surrogate robots who are better-looking versions of themselves. Willis plays a cop who uses his surrogate to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates until a conspiracy case forces him to venture from his own home for the first time in years. Rhames, who previously worked with Willis in Pulp Fiction, plays a charismatic cult figure who disdains the use of surrogates and tries to lead an uprising. Mitchell plays Willis’ character’s partner, and Pike plays his wife. Jonathan Mostow (Terminator 3, U-571) is directing. Shooting is scheduled to start this month. (Hollywood Reporter)