Drake Bell, Sara Paxton, ...
Credit: Sam Emerson

Superhero Movie

A good genre parody has to have a satisfying density of gags — that way, if you chuckle at 1 out of 30, you’re still giggle-happy. Superhero Movie, though, seems to have been given the comedy equivalent of blood thinner. It has the blazing satirical boldness to skewer the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man — and, amazingly, not much else. There are a few lively bits (Drake Bell, as a boyish Spandexed crusader named Dragonfly, shimmies up a wall and break-dances on it), and one joke with an edge: a slap at Stephen Hawking and his computer-drone voice. Mostly, though, this is super-lame. C-

Superhero Movie
  • Movie
  • 82 minutes