Martin Scorsese's non-rock docs -- Before ''Shine a Light,'' the director was featuring family and friends in films like ''Italianamerican'' and ''American Boy''

Shine a Light is Martin Scorsese’s third feature-length music documentary, following 1978’s The Last Waltz, which captured The Band’s final show, and the 2005 Bob Dylan doc No Direction Home. But over the years Scorsese has also made a series of less-known non-rock docs on subjects as personal as his own family and as broad as the history of film itself. In 1974, he let cameras roll as his parents shared stories of immigrant life (and a recipe for tomato sauce and meatballs) in Italianamerican. Four years later, the director’s American Boy profiled his friend Steven Prince, a former heroin user best remembered for his small role as a gun salesman in Taxi Driver (1976). Also notable are A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (1996) and My Voyage to Italy (2001), a duo of love letters to classic movies and filmmakers from a man who has more than earned his place among them.