Geena Davis, Matthew Lillard
Credit: Matthew Lillard: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/; Geena Davis: Michael Caulfield/

I love pilot season, and all the new (potentially failing) pairings it brings. Today, I spotted a casting that got me truly excited, which is odd because individually, neither of the people involved does. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CBS drama Exit 19 stars Geena Davis as Gloria, “a quirky Manhattan homicide detective who also is a single mom.” Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo) has just signed on to play the younger brother who lives with her. Am I the only one feeling that their kinds of crazy will blend well together on camera? Better question: Am I the only one hoping Lillard recreates his dance from She’s All That? (You know you want to click on that.)

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