Test your knowledge of shows, stars and more


1. On Lost, what is the airline and flight number of the plane that crashed, marooning Dr. Jack Shephard and Co. on a mysterious island?

2. Are the following CTU employees on 24 dead or alive?
Bill Buchanan
Edgar Stiles
Milo Pressman
Chloe O’Brian
George Mason
Chase Edmunds
Curtis Manning
Nadia Yassir
Morris O’Brian
Lynn McGill

3. Which DC Comics superhero has yet to appear on Smallville?
Green Arrow
Black Canary
Green Lantern

4. Place the Brothers & Sisters siblings in proper birth order (from oldest to youngest):

5. Pick out the two actors from Friday Night Lights who assumed similar roles in the movie:
A. Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor)
B. Connie Britton (Tami Taylor)
C. Aimee Teegarden (Julie Taylor)
D. Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins)
E. Brad Leland (Buddy Garrity)

6. Which of the following is a derogatory term often used to refer to Cylons on Battlestar Galactica?
A. Hard Drive
B. Toaster
C. Lead Foot
D. Bucket

7. The actor portraying which Rocky opponent guest-starred on The Shield as Vic’s mentor?
A. Apollo Creed
B. Clubber Lang
C. Thunderlips
D. Ivan Drago
E. Tommy ”Machine” Gunn
F. Mason ”The Line” Dixon

8. Before being dubbed McSteamy, what nickname was almost given to Dr. Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy?
A. McLeany
B. McSweaty
C. McYummy
D. McNugget

9. What was Catherine Willows’ pre-CSI job?

10. The Closer’s Brenda Johnson is addicted to…?
A. Coffee
B. Cosmetics
C. Shoes
D. Junk food
E. Cigarettes

11. On Heroes, what is the name of the front organization The Company uses to monitor, hunt, and even exploit people with special abilities?

12. What’s the name of the fictional private school attended by Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl?
A. Westerberg High
B. Shermer High
C. Constance Billard
D. Lake Forest

13. Match the famous House guest star to his/her ailment:
1. LL Cool J
2. Cynthia Nixon
3. Dave Matthews
4. Mira Sorvino

A. A piano whiz who begins suffering inexplicable seizures
B. A psychiatrist at the South Pole who performs surgery on him/herself
C. A death-row inmate who hallucinates
D. A patient who the team believes is faking his/her symptoms

14. Who has partnered with whom on Law & Order? Name all 10 pairs (by actor name), including the next dynamic duo.
A. Chris Noth
B. Jesse L. Martin
C. Dennis Farina
D. Michael Imperioli
E. Milena Govich
F. George Dzundza
G. Jeremy Sisto
H. Paul Sorvino
I. Jerry Orbach
J. Benjamin Bratt
K. Anthony Anderson*
*Stars April 23


15. Fill in the missing words to these classic Ugly Betty sound bites:
A.”Did you just gesture at me when you said ___________?”
Wilhelmina Slater
B. ”If this is what it takes to help my father, I will ride that ___________ all the way to Mexico.”
Betty Suarez
C. ”So this is where the ___________ happens.”
Marc St. James
D. ”I’m this close to splitting a ___________ with Sarah Jessica Parker and talking about shoes.”
Daniel Meade
E. ”It looks like a ___________ version of Star Trek.”
Hilda Suarez

WORD BANK: Cobb salad · Slutty · Botox · Tragic · Limousine · Giant robot horse · Kwanzaa · Cosmo · Gay · Betty White

16. Where does Murray, the Flight of the Conchords’ band manager, work?

17. How much was Earl’s winning lottery ticket worth on My Name Is Earl?
A. $100,000
B. $1 million
C. $5 million
D. $10 million

18. What band sings the Big Bang Theory theme song?
A. Counting Crows
B. Barenaked Ladies
C. The Rembrandts
D. Weezer

19. What is the name of the hospital where J.D. works on Scrubs?

20. Which of the following is not a character who has appeared on The Simpsons?
A. Sideshow Raheem
B. Rainier Wolfcastle
C. Gazoo
D. Nick Riviera
E. The Capital City Goofball

21. Which current SNL cast member has not appeared in a guest role on 30 Rock?
A. Fred Armisen
B. Will Forte
C. Jason Sudeikis
D. Kristen Wiig
E. Bill Hader

22. What’s the name of the fictional show that is Johnny Drama’s former claim to fame as an actor on Entourage?

23. What is the cure for every ailment in Chris’ house on Everybody Hates Chris?
A. Robitussin
B. Chicken noodle soup
C. Fresh air
D. Grandma’s special concoction

24. Kevin from The Office‘s Police tribute band is called…?
A. King of Penn(sylvania)
B. Scrantonicity
C. Pennyatta Mondatta
D. Roxanne Roll

25. What is the name of Kelsey Grammer’s news anchor on Back to You?
A. Chuck Champion
B. Chuck Wagon
C. Chuck Darling
D. Chuck Rockwood

26. What was the strain of pot Nancy cultivated on season 2 of Weeds?
A. MILF Weed
B. AK-47
C. G-13
D. Skunk #1

27. On How I Met your Mother, what is the name of Robin’s Canadian teen pop star alter ego?
A. Robin Gibson
B. Rockin’ Robin
C. Robina
D. Robin Sparkles

28. Match the Desperate Housewives character with the thing that brought about his/her death:
1. Nora Huntington
2. Victor Lang
3. Martha Huber
4. George Williams
5. Juanita Solis

A. Stairs
B. Strangulation
C. Fence
D. Sleeping pills
E. Gun


29. Who is the only professional dancer to appear on all six seasons of Dancing With the Stars?
A. Louis van Amstel
B. Cheryl Burke
C. Alec Mazo
D. Edyta Sliwinska

30. Which supermodel has not sat alongside Tyra Banks at the judges’ table on America’s Next Top Model?
A. Vendela
B. Niki Taylor
C. Paulina Porizkova
D. Twiggy

31. What is New York of I Love New York‘s real name?

32. Which Bachelor mistakenly offered a rose to the wrong woman during the rose ceremony?
A. Bob Guiney
B. Charlie O’Connell
C. Jesse Palmer
D. Prince Lorenzo Borghese

33. Solve these American Idol contestant anagrams:
Kick mink in bib
Be likely mocker
Rainiest jams
I’m oily talent
Imitate olden doll

BONUS: What do the answers have in common?

34. Match the winning contestant from each season of The Biggest Loser with the number of pounds he lost:
1. Ryan, season 1
2. Matt, season 2
3. Erik, season 3
4. Bill, season 4

A. 122 lbs.
B. 157 lbs.
C. 164 lbs.
D. 214 lbs.

35. Which was not the name of a Big Brother alliance?
A. Four Horsemen
B. Nerd Herd
C. Chilltown
D. Bad Boyz
E. Sovereign Six

36. Which teen magazine does Lauren intern at on The Hills?
A. Teen Vogue
B. Seventeen
C. Tiger Beat
D. CosmoGIRL
E. ELLEgirl

37. Match the dysfunctional couples from The Amazing Race:

38. On Project Runway, which of the following was never given as a challenge to contestants?
A. Make over a fellow cast member.
B. Redesign the uniform worn by UPS drivers.
C. Make an outfit for a life-size Barbie.
D. Create a design out of recycled material.

39. Which player did not quit Survivor due to an injury?
A. Michael Skupin (Australian Outback)
B. Bruce Kanegai (Panama)
C. Sue Hawk (All-Stars)
D. Gary Stritesky (Fiji)
E. Jonathan Penner (Micronesia)


40. What sport did Ralph famously pretend to have ability in to impress his boss on an episode of The Honeymooners?

41. Match the guest star with the show he/she appeared on:
1. The A-Team
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Batman
4. Dynasty
5. The Love Boat

A. Andy Warhol
B. Liberace
C. Madeleine Albright
D. Boy George
E. Henry Kissinger

42. What was the name of the car that ”ran great” in the All in the Family theme song?

43. What did the abbreviation KITT on Knight Rider stand for?

44. Which of the following shows was Ted McGinley not a regular on?
A. Dynasty
B. Married…With Children
C. The Love Boat
D. Welcome Back, Kotter
E. Happy Days

45. Match the restaurant/bar/coffee shop with the corresponding TV series that called it home:
1. Moe’s Tavern
2. The Peach Pit
3. The Regal Beagle
4. Café Nervosa
5. Tropicana Club
6. Monk’s Café
7. Boars Nest
8. Central Perk
9. The Lobo Lounge
10. The Bronze

A. Roseanne
B. Three’s Company
C. Friends
D. Seinfeld
E. The Simpsons
F. Frasier
G. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
H. The Dukes of Hazzard
I. Beverly Hills, 90210
J. I Love Lucy

46. What planet is ALF from?

47. Match the host with his game show:
1. Bob Eubanks
2. Chuck Woolery
3. Bert Convy
4. Jim Lange

A. Scrabble
B. The $100,000 Name That Tune
C. Tattletales
D. Card Sharks

48. Which Monty Python member traditionally said ”And now for something completely different”?
A. John Cleese
B. Eric Idle
C. Terry Jones
D. Michael Palin
E. Graham Chapman

49. Who voiced Charlie on Charlie’s Angels?

50. Who shot J.R. on Dallas?

51. What Ocean’s Eleven star was a regular on the Golden Girls spin-off The Golden Palace?
A. George Clooney
B. Don Cheadle
C. Elliott Gould
D. Bernie Mac

52. What actress played the first female U.S. president on a series?

53. Who (influenced by BOB) killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks?

54. Did Scully give birth to a boy or a girl on season 8 of The X-Files?

BONUS: What was the baby’s first name?

55. Who was the first host of The Tonight Show?

56. On Batman, a button to access the Batcave was hidden in a bust of which famous literary figure?

57. Match the drama with the Beverly Hills, 90210 character:
1. Had a breast-cancer scare
2. Nearly joined a cult at the urging of a teacher
3. Had a long-lost half sister who later became a prostitute
4. Abused prescription drugs
5. Dabbled in crystal meth

A. Kelly
B. Dylan
C. Donna
D. David
E. Brenda

58. When he was a contestant on Jeopardy!, what was Cheers‘ Cliff Clavin’s response to the clue ”Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, and Lucille LeSueur”?

59. General Hospital is ABC’s longest-running soap opera. In what year did it debut?
A. 1958
B. 1963
C. 1968
D. 1973

60. Which was the longest-running of these supernatural sitcoms that debuted in the 1960s?
A. The Addams Family
B. I Dream of Jeannie
C. The Munsters
D. Bewitched

61. Match the show with its spin-off:
1. Barney Miller
2. All in the Family
3. Maude
4. Murder, She Wrote
5. The X-Files
6. The Carol Burnett Show
7. Who’s the Boss?
8. Happy Days
9. Soap
10. Cheers
11. Diff’rent Strokes
12. M*A*S*H
13. 21 Jump Street
14. Party of Five
15. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

A. Trapper John, M.D.
B. Mork & Mindy
C. The Lone Gunmen
D. Phyllis
E. The Facts of Life
F. Benson
G. Time of Your Life
H. Booker
I. Mama’s Family
J. Living Dolls
K. Good Times
L. Maude
M. Fish
N. The Tortellis
O. The Law & Harry McGraw

62. Put these top-five-rated series finales in order of most watched to least:
A. Friends
B. Cheers
C. M*A*S*H
D. Magnum, P.I.
E. Seinfeld

63. On The Sopranos, which Baldwin brother played a Tony-like mobster in Christopher’s slasher flick, Cleaver?
A. Daniel
B. Alec
C. William
D. Stephen

64. Who guest-starred as alcoholic Uncle Ned on Family Ties?

65. Who was the first SNL host (then titled NBC’s Saturday Night)?


Every correct answer (including each match made or correct portion in a multipart question) is worth one point.

1. Oceanic Airlines Flight 815
2. Bill (alive); Edgar (dead); Milo (dead); Chloe (alive); George (dead); Chase (alive); Curtis (dead); Nadia (alive); Morris (alive); Lynn (dead)
3. Green Lantern
4. Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, Justin
5. B and E
6. B
7. A
8. C
9. Exotic dancer
10. D
11. Primatech Paper Company
12. C
13. LL Cool J: C; Cynthia Nixon: D; Dave Matthews: A; Mira Sorvino: B
14. Noth and Dzundza; Noth and Sorvino; Noth and Orbach; Orbach and Bratt; Orbach and Martin; Martin and Farina; Farina and Imperioli; Martin and Govich; Martin and Sisto; Sisto and Anderson
15. A: Kwanzaa; B: giant robot horse; C: tragic; D: Cobb salad; E: gay
16. The New Zealand Consulate
17. A
18. B
19. Sacred Heart
20. C
21. E
22. Viking Quest
23. A
24. B
25. C
26. A
27. D
28. Nora: Gun; Victor: Fence; Martha: Strangulation; George: Sleeping pills; Juanita: Stairs
29. D
30. B
31. Tiffany Pollard
32. C
33. Nikki McKibbin; Kimberley Locke; Jasmine Trias; Elliott Yamin; Melinda Doolittle
BONUS: They all came in third place.
34. 1: 122 lbs.; 2: 157 lbs.; 3: 214 lbs.; 4: 164 lbs.
35. D
36. A
37. Colin and Christie; Zach and Flo; Aaron and Hayden; Jonathan and Victoria; Will and Tara
38. B (They redesigned USPS, not UPS, uniforms.)
39. C
40. Golf
41. 1: Boy George; 2: Madeleine Albright; 3: Liberace; 4: Henry Kissinger; 5: Andy Warhol
42. A LaSalle
43. Knight Industries Two Thousand
44. D
45. Moe’s Tavern: E; The Peach Pit: I; The Regal Beagle: B; Café Nervosa: F; Tropicana Club: J; Monk’s Café: D; Boars Nest: H; Central Perk: C; The Lobo Lounge: A; The Bronze: G
46. Melmac
47. Eubanks: D; Woolery: A; Convy: C; Lange: B
48. A
49. John Forsythe
50. Kristin Shepard
51. B
52. Patty Duke (in Hail to the Chief)
53. Leland Palmer (Laura’s father)
54. Boy
BONUS: William
55. Steve Allen
56. William Shakespeare
57. 1: Brenda; 2: Kelly; 3: Dylan; 4: David; 5: Donna
58. ”Who are 3 people who have never been in my kitchen?”
59. B
60. D
61. Barney Miller, M; All in the Family, L; Maude, K; Murder, She Wrote, O; The X-Files, C; The Carol Burnett Show, I; Who’s the Boss?, J; Happy Days, B; Soap, F; Cheers, N; Diff’rent Strokes, E; M*A*S*H, A; 21 Jump Street, H; Party of Five, G; The Mary Tyler Moore Show, D
62. C, B, E, A, D
63. A
64. Tom Hanks
65. George Carlin

Scoring Chart

0 — 40
Do you even own a television set?
41 — 70
Your attention has clearly strayed. Time to renew vows with your remote control.
71 — 100
Not too slouchy. You’re still not quite ready for prime time, though.
101 — 125
Well played. You’ve earned that indentation in your couch.
126 — 149
Wow, and we thought we were obsessive. Your TV knowledge both impresses and frightens us. Go outside, for chrissakes!

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