Credit: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

star Kristin Cavallari is done working the small screen, folks. caught up with the celebrity at the premiere of Keanu Reeves’ next movie, Street Kings, where she had plenty to say about her big-screen plans and nothing to report about the possibility of appearing on The Hills, despite rumors to the contrary. “I have been asked to come back by MTV a million times to be on The Hills or Laguna Beach or to do a different reality show, but I am not interested,” she says. “I am doing what I want to do so I don’t feel pressure to go back. I keep getting jobs. I feel like been there, done that. I did Laguna Beach for two years and had the best time. I feel like I need stuff that challenges me and another reality show won’t do that.”

So what’s Cavallari been up to? She recently starred in a new video for Gavin DeGraw, best known for crooning the One Tree Hill theme song. She also shot a short film that Entourage’s Kevin Connolly directed that… well, we’ll let her describe: “[It’s made up of] nine different short films, and the whole thing is called Uncomfortable Moments. My short is called Dry Humping. It is about two high school kids, my boyfriend and I, who are dry humping when his dad comes home and catches us in the act. They are all really funny short, goofy films.”

Cavallari also is set to appear in a beach volleyball movie opposite David Charvet called Green Flash this summer. “That was definitely not a hard job to go to every day. And I am about to go to Canada to shoot a movie. I can’t talk about that yet, though. I’m having a good time!” — Reporting by Carrie Bell