All this time, I thought Mike Gravel was just a crazy-old ex-senator whose purpose was to provide comic relief (and occasional flashes of demented insight) during the Democrats’ televised primary debates. Boy was I wrong. Turns out Mike Gravel is a crazy old ex-senator whose purpose is to provide comic relief for the whole Internet! I mean, check out this insane cover of the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” that he just posted on YouTube. (Hat tip to Matthew Yglesias. Warning: Video contains disturbing images of warfare and gratuitous abuse of green-screen technology.)

Apparently, this is not a joke. And I can’t stop playing it. Those wild Whoos! Those deadpan Yeah, yeah, yeahs! I’m convinced that Gravel is a Shatner-level interpretive genius. That, or a covert member of the Manson family. “Do you, don’t you want me to love you?” How can I be any clearer: I totally want you to love me, former Sen. Gravel! Anyone else wish they could go back (to the top of the slide) and re-cast their vote for the candidate with the hands-down best viral-video team in the race?

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