If only she’s resisted the primal urge to shout, “Again! Again!” But alas, Po did exactly that during Tribal Council on last night’s shocking episode of Teletubbies, and when the ballots were recast, Po was voted out of the pod by a 3-2 margin.

The little red Teletubby’s downfall began so innocuously — with a few burnt slices of Tubby Toast at breakfast time. Little did Po realize, her careless kitchen antics would shake her alliance with Laa-Laa and the Gurgling Baby Sun, giving clever Tinky Winky an opening to avoid his expected ouster, and head into the final four looking like a potential champ. “Eh-oh, Po!” indeed!

So which of Po’s comrades sold her out for a few hours of playtime with Tinky Winky’s magic bag? And what prompted Po’s metamorphosis from wide-eyed innocent to a cussing harpie vowing sweet revenge in her post-elimination confessional? We break it down, PopWatch-style, after the jump…

Oh, and Happy April Fools’ Day!