Nelly is getting ready to roll out his fifth album, tentatively titled Brass Knuckles, on June 24. We caught up with the St. Louis rapper at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards this past weekend, where he filled us in on some of the record’s featured guests, among them Fergie, Usher, Akon, and Ciara, who joins the three-time Grammy winner for a track called “Stepped on My Js.” “It is all about the Jordans,” Nelly told “I sang about Air Force Ones and

you know what I did for grills, it’s along the same lines but

this is the best of all three. It is incredible.” Still, there’s one musician he’s dying to record with who hasn’t exactly come through…yet. “I’m trying to do something with the Boss, but Bruce Springsteen has been all over the world and busy,” Nelly said. “I have a great idea that would be hot. It still might happen. I’m holding out hope.” (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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