Credit: Bob D'Amico

I just finished watching Greek — and I’m probably going to regret saying this — but I actually find this college dramedy a tad difficult to write about in this recap format. With Ugly Betty, the other show I cover as a regular TV Watch, ferreting out the storyline is simple enough. But when it comes to Greek, my mind mostly lingers on the totally simple things I loved from the episode: Calvin (pictured) and Heath’s sweet reunion at the Kappa Tau pool table; Ashleigh’s speakeasy karaoke singing and doe-eyed insistence that Ferris Bueller is The Great Gatsby of our time to Cameron Frye himself (okay, a perfectly cast Alan Ruck playing Dean Bowman); the killer costumes at the aforementioned Great Gatsby party; and Cappie and Casey’s restrained (but oh-so-longing for more) attempts to be just friends. But finding something of great worth in the episode? I got nothing. And maybe that’s OK? I’m sure I’m approaching this on too deep a level.

So let’s keep it simple: This episode was about partying! So maybe the thread woven throughout is, “How the Greeks Got Their Groove Back,” now that some of Greek Street has figured out a way to drink again with their cellar-level Prohibition Party. Either way, the revelry was a smashing success for everyone. And I mean everyone — and I’m even looking at you, crazy Lizzie. The Zeta Beta enforcer got what she wanted (a dignified, Great Gatsby themed party), and the students got what they wanted (a boozy night in the basement). Everybody wins! My only thought was concern for the students: Was it worth going to all that trouble to throw the basement party — and then cover it up with faux literacy philanthropy for reading-challenged frat boys — just so you could sip out of a flask for a few minutes? Sweet idea and all — and I’m sure the fear of getting caught is part of the allure — but next time, just enlist a friend with an off-campus apartment. Seriously, that’s what we did when I was in college.

Now, for the night’s other big event: the Evan-Cappie throwdown. Ofcourse, I’m talking about the fight between the frat presidents aboutwhere Calvin would actually pledge. Frankly, I’m surprised at Calvin’sdecision to go back to Evan’s Omega Chi. A guy from the house calledyou a fairy and made a back-handed comment about Cosmos, and you’rewilling to jump right back in? Yeah, yeah, I heard his explanation thathe’s got to face his fears and all, too, but methinks it’s just askingfor more trouble. Or maybe it’s just the chance for another tolerancelesson down the line? I’m happy that at the least Evan kicked thehomophobic meathead to the curb and Calvin got to get in his awesomeretort: “I don’t even like Cosmos, bitch!” Classic. Plus, it had a very“Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” vibe, which I enjoyed.

In the end, it all comes back to you, PopWatchers: What did youthink of last night’s episode? Can you find a theme that makes forsignificant social commentary here? Or if not, did you at least have afavorite sound bite? Who do you want to see Cappie with: Rebecca orCasey? How pumped are you to start using the “What would Frannie do?”catch phrase? (BTW: Where is Frannie? I want her back! Now!) I’vealready got a gross of WWFD bracelets on order…