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Martin Scorsese says he doesn’t go online or have an email address, but he somehow managed to join MySpace to promote his new Rolling Stones documentary, Shine a Light (in theaters April 4). He already has more friends than you do. I checked. So did my colleague Adrienne Day, who reports “celeb hopping” her way from Scorsese, to Tom Hanks, to Lance Bass, to Tiffany (!). (That exclamation point was Adrienne’s, not mine. Although I do love that I just wrote a sentence with Scorsese and Tiffany in it. First time in the history of the world?)

The real reason to visit Scorsese’s page, of course, is to see an exclusive Shine a Light clip in which the director debates whether having the perfect lighting is worth setting Mick Jagger on fire. The man really does care about the details.

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