A live-action Eddie Murphy movie that looks… funny? The Meet Dave trailer (below) has been floating around for a few days, but I just finally took a look. (It’s not coming out till July — why rush?) My thoughts:

1) I wonder if we’ll get a tribute to Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask somewhere in here…
2) Is that white suit Eddie sports a way for him to try out wardrobe for the planned Fantasy Island feature?
3) That’s arguably the best man-gets-hit-by-car scene since Meet Joe Black.
4) I don’t believe in animal abuse, but Murphy kicking that cat = comedy.
5) Gabrielle Union should be a bigger star.
6) Marc Blucas is working!
7) I’ve seen the little-people-try-not-to-get-trampled-or-run-over thing too many times to find Little Eddie (or any other of the other little people) funny outside of Big Eddie’s body.