The Legend of the Lone Ranger

(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio, writers of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, are in final negotiations to pen a live-action movie adaptation of The Lone Ranger for Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Ranger, which began as a radio show in the 1930s, went on to become a huge franchise, launching films, a TV series, toys, comics, books, and more. The most recent movie, 1981’s The Legend of the Lone Ranger, failed miserably, marking star Klinton Spilsbury’s final major role in Hollywood. Elliot and Rossio are seen as a good fit to revive the franchise, as they previously breathed new life into Zorro (the hit movie The Mask of Zorro) as well as old pirate stories, with a little help from Johnny Depp. (Hollywood Reporter)

The Legend of the Lone Ranger
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