(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? Dolph Lundgren is starring in and directing the action thriller Command Performance, which he also co-wrote with Stave Latshaw for Millennium/Nu Image. The multi-hyphenate describes the movie as ”Die Hard at a rock concert.” He will star as a former Marine, now a drummer for the warm-up band of a big American performer giving a concert for the Russian premier when some bad guys decide to make trouble. Lundgren, a bit of a drummer himself, will not use a double for the percussion performance scenes. Although his fame has tapered off considerably in the U.S. since he burst onto the scene in 1985’s Rocky IV as Russian boxer Ivan Drago, Lundgren has continued to get steady work abroad and is still an international box office draw. He recently put the final touches on his previous directing and acting vehicle, Sony’s Missionary Man, and is prepping it for a debut at next week’s AFI Dallas festival. He is coming off a starring turn in another Millennium/Nu Image’s Direct Contact. (Hollywood Reporter)