(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? Tobey Maguire and producer Neal Moritz (Fast and the Furious) are teaming for a feature adaptation of the new comicbook Afterburn, from Red 5 Comics, which just premiered on stands in January. The sci-fi adventure story is set in post-apocalyptic Earth after a solar flare destroyed much of the Eastern Hemisphere, leaving only radiation and mutation in its wake. The story is about a group of treasure hunters looking to capture artifacts like the Mona Lisa and the Rosetta Stone, fighting pirates, mutants, and rival hunters along the way. No writer is attached to the project. Maguire, who is also developing a live-action adaptation of the anime classic Robotech, next appears in Tropic Thunder. Mortiz is currently working on the fourth installment of Fast and the Furious, again starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Prom Night, his next production to hit theaters, releases on April 11. (Hollywood Reporter)