Remember last week, when i grumbled that Reaper was just spinning its wheels, plotwise? Well, scratch that, as this week’s ep, “Acid Queen,” took the mythology a big leap forward and offered us shocking revelations about several of our main characters. Like that Sock’s bathroom reading is Cosmopolitan and other women’s magazines. Or that the Devil is an ass man who pops Xanax. Oh, and actually important stuff about Sam, the Devil, and Steve and Tony, the demons next door.

We’ll get to that in a moment, but first: Sam and Andi OMG OMG OMG!!! Finally! Finally, Andi (Missy Peregrym, pictured) admitted that she has feelings for Sam! Finally, Sam (after a couple of botched replies), admitted he has feelings for her, too! Finally, in the show’s most romantic moment to date, they kissed! Alas, the kiss was ruined by an inopportune phone call from Cady, who all but dumped Sam last week and fled the state. Plus, the soul of the week went after Andi, leading to a car crash that put Andi in the hospital and left Sam wondering (à la Peter Parker at the end of the first Spider-Man movie) if he should shun the love of his life (or at least keep his secret identity from her) just to keep her from becoming collateral damage. This seems kind of unfair (and arbitrary, on the part of the writers) — Sock and Ben know, and they’ve chosen to stand by him; does Sam have so little faith in Andi that he doesn’t think she’d do the same if he told her the truth?

addCredit(“Missy Peregrym: Jack Rowand”)

Steve and Tony know Sam’s secret — turns out they play racquetball with fellow demon Gladys. Sam’s initial fear of his demonic neighbors seems to have been misplaced, though it led to some classic comedy early in the episode when Sam, Sock, and Ben tried to end their friendship with the pair. The break-up conversation (“It’s not you, it’s us,” offered Ben, weakly) was worthy of Seinfeld, and there were some wonderfully awk-ward run-ins in the apartment building. Eventually, Sam admitted to Steve that they’d been avoiding the couple because they’re demons, whereupon Steve huffed at how disappointed he was to learn that Sam and his pals were racist and “demophobic.”

An apologetic Sam managed to patch things up with the couple, which is good, and not just because it meant the gang’s supply of gourmet muffins and couture sweaters would be restored. For one thing, publicist Tony was able to get the boys tickets to a fashion-model party where the escaped-soul-of-the-week — a jealous fashionista (CSI:NY’s Emmanuelle Vaugier) who drips acid from her fingers and disfigures her beautiful rivals — was sure to prey. (Quote of the week, from Sock, upon learning that the soul was a hot chick who maims even hotter chicks: “Is it wrong that I’m aroused and disgusted at the same time?”) Even better, when the soul cornered Sam, a sudden appearance by Steve in full demon regalia (bat-wings and all) saved Sam’s life. Perhaps most important, Steve told Sam that he’s a rarity among reapers, in that the Devil actually talks to him, not to mention pals around with him. Taking Sam to a secret chamber in his apartment that he claimed even Satan’s spying eyes couldn’t penetrate, Steve suggested an alliance with Sam, noting that they both had their own reasons to fight the Devil. Not sure what he meant by that, but having a secret pair of demon allies wouldn’t be a bad thing for Sam — would it?

Questions: What’s Steve and Tony’s beef with the Devil? Should Sam trust them? Are you happy about the prospect of SamAndi, or would you be relieved if Cady comes back and busts them up? Should Sam tell Andi his secret, or should he continue to protect her by hiding the truth from her? How inept must Sam be not to be able to blow soap bubbles with a bubble wand (this week’s soul-capture vessel)? Oh yeah, and where the hell is Gladys?

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