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Mail from our readers

Indy Spirit
Raiders of the Lost Ark made me fall in love with movies. Thanks for rekindling that spark!
Kevin Thoresen
Sellersburg, Ind.

I had a moment of nostalgia as soon as I saw your Indiana Jones cover (”National Treasure”). Instantly, I was 10 again and staring at the same poster that hung in my childhood bedroom. Now, a few decades later, I can’t wait for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
Beth Moxey Eck
Macungie, Pa.

Like you, I believe Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is misunderstood. But it’s not the dark tone that makes it a lesser entry in the Indy catalog — it’s the lack of action.
Tom Stefanchik

Temple of Doom is wholly underrated. I thought I’d entered the wrong theater when I saw the lavish Cole Porter number, but this was Steven Spielberg’s clever way of preparing the audience for what was to come. Anything Goes? Indeed.
Rob Stover

Paving the Way
Bless you for featuring Stephen Malkmus, one of the most talented musicians out there (”Slanted and Enchanted”). America, go buy the first three Pavement records: You’ll thank me later.
Luke Wienecke
Annapolis, Md.

A Role to Sink Your Teeth Into
I laughed when I read Kate Beckinsale’s Spotlight quote ”There’s nothing more ludicrous than me being in an action movie.” I can’t think of another actress who could have pulled off her Underworld role, Selene the vampire, more perfectly. And her leather getup certainly didn’t hurt either.
Danny Boote
Suwanee, Ga.

Must-Flee TV
I agree with everything Mark Harris said about essential-viewing Eye TV and background-noise Ear TV (The Final Cut). But I’d rather have a multitude of Ear TV shows than the alternative: WTF! TV, a.k.a. reality shows.
John Wao
Tacoma, Wash.