No, that is not a picture of my favorite DWTS female pro Edyta to your left. Fakeout! Thanks largely to an appearance last week on Oprah, British singer and a winner of televised talent show The X Factor Leona Lewis (pictured) is the first female U.K. singer to top the U.S. Billboard charts in more than 20 years, since Kim Wilde’s cover of The Supermes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” hit it big in 1987. My initial reaction to watching the video last night for Leona’s single “Bleeding Love” was just an overwhelming gush of “Ewwww, Times Square.” But it turns out there are two versions of the video. It’s maddening when they do that, huh? Let’s quickly summarize the major themes of each (which YouTube does not want us to embed).

  • rage associated with the discovery of another woman’s stray unmentionables
  • writhing, dangerously close to a radiator
  • sliding-down-walls move that (like everything else) Tyra thinks she invented
  • upside-down closeup on a bed
  • camera pans multiple levels of the same building, à la Massive Attack’s “Protection”
  • angsty foreplay
  • fire
  • bathing while fully clothed
  • it’s raining indoors!
  • Times Square
  • Greyhound bus
  • taxi rides
  • jaywalking
  • elevator
  • cheesy-lookin’ love interest
  • angst
  • more throw pillows than the secret love chamber in Ugly Betty

Which do you prefer? I do love colorful pillows and transportation, but this is pretty much a no-brainer for me.