Indie-pop group Los Campesinos! -- The Welsh singers are ready to break through to American audiences with ''Hold On Now, Youngster''

They’re big on boy-girl harmonies; they make their own photocopied ‘zine; and great swaths of their subject matter (libraries, diaries, LPs, and penmanship) recall the twee-est moments of Belle and Sebastian. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Los Campesinos! are a bunch of sissies. The pumped-up guitar pop on the Welsh septet’s full-length debut, Hold On Now, Youngster…, is filled with shouted slogans and bursts of feedback. ”I think we are loud and exciting and brash enough to justify the exclamation point,” says vocalist-lyricist-glockenspielist Gareth Paisey. (Though he also humbly admits, ”If we’d realized people would actually care about our band, we might have put a bit more consideration into the name.”)

The group’s profile has risen at lightning speed since their 2006 formation, boosted by a rabid MySpace following and a series of clever, candy-colored videos; the highly anticipated Stateside release of Youngster will be capped off with a four-week, 18-city tour (see for dates). Sudden fame, however, hasn’t gone to the band’s collective head. ”We only graduated from university last June,” marvels Paisey, ”so our main feeling, other than excitement, is guilt that it’s been so quick and so easy.”