Eliza Dushku is no longer the only tenant in the Dollhouse: Joss Whedon has added four cast members to his upcoming Fox drama about a bunch of young adults who are programmed with “personality packages” before being dispatched on assignments. (The Dollhouse refers to the memory-erasing lab where the dolls, like Dushku’s Echo, stay after each mission.) Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) will play Paul Smith, an FBI agent who’s got his sights on the Dollhouse operation — and on Echo. Fran Kranz (Welcome to the Captain) assumes the role of Topher Brink, a gifted, not-to-be-trusted programmer in charge of imprinting the dolls. Australian actress Dichen Lachman has been cast as Sierra, a doll who seeks a friendship with Echo, while Enver Gjokaj (a guest star on The Unit) is Victor, another doll and Echo ally. The show has a seven-episode order from Fox.