Kenan Thompson, Zachary Levi
Credit: Everett Collection

I just got a press release announcing that “A hilarious cast of comedic actors invites [me] tohop aboard the wiener-mobile for the riotous new comedy Wieners, pullingup on DVD June 10th…” Wieners, people. Wieners.

Apparently, the movie involves three guys (SNL‘s Kenan Thompson and Chuck‘s Zachary Levi, pictured, as well as Welcome to the Captain‘s Fran Kranz) driving across country in a homemade wiener-mobile to throwdown with a talk show host (SNL‘s Darrell Hammond) who humiliated one of them. They hand out free hot dogs along the way.

Is Wieners the best (awesomely) bad movie title you’ve come across? If not, nominate your pick below.

P.S. Adult film titles are not eligible.

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