Your show is back after a three-month strike and you need to catch the audience up. Solution: Make your boss do it! My Name Is Earl exec producer Greg Garcia tapped NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker to film a recap of the Jason Lee comedy for the April 3 episode. Zucker signed on immediately — “We take a steam bath together every night, so I pitched it to him there at Hollywood Saunas,” Garcia deadpans — and embraced the spirit of the 90-second introductory bit, in which he cracks wise and even signs off with a “JZ out.” Garcia jokes that the Zucker cameo was “a healing gesture between the writers and conglomerates,” though it carried risks. “You fear the worst: ‘What if you go to your big boss’ place and shoot him and he’s just awful?'” he explains. “But he nailed it! And I don’t just say that because he’s my boss.”

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