The season 4 vet calls last night's show dull overall -- except for three standouts who took their game to a new level
Nadia Turner, Syesha Mercado
Credit: Syesha Mercado: Frank Micelotta; Nadia Turner: Gino Domenico

‘Idol’: Nadia Turner rates ‘birthday’ night

I expected the Top 10 to come out swinging! What happened?! I was bored throughout the whole night. Most performances were easy to dismiss, yet American Idol‘s cream still rose to the top. I saw glimmers of hope.

The evening did not start off with a bang. Ramiele Malubay‘s ”Alone” was weak. Power vocals are necessary if you’re going to tackle this song. While I was roommates with Underwood on our season, I have a fond memory of hearing her practice ”Alone,” and even then she made it seem like child’s play. I loved Ramiele’s look but did not like this song for her. It was so nice of the judges to let the viewers know how sick Ramiele is. I wonder if they care to inform us how the others are holding up. There is so much pressure on the voice, you’re literally singing in your sleep. Rest is so important but at this stage there is not a lot of time for it. Your chords take an incredible beating throughout this process. You’re doing more than singing when you become a part of the Idol team.

I’m not bored with Jason Castro‘s look, but I am bored with his delivery. Every angle of this performance was lazy. I love ”Fragile,” but no justice was done for this tune. Jason has become real comfortable in this competition, but that complacency will bite you in the booty.

Syesha Mercado was MAGNIFICENT! I have always agreed her vocals seem effortless, but tonight with ”If I Were Your Woman” she made it official. Her background lighting was bare. Yet, even without the video backdrops, bling-bling lighting, and smoldering close-ups, she stood her own. I was thrilled to see that she nailed that song. She made a name for herself tonight.

”We Will Rock You” was a great song choice for the HOT Australian Michael Johns. Was that a DirecTV Concert or American Idol? All the bells and whistles were pulled out for this guy! I’ve enjoyed Michael from day one, so it’s nice to see others behind the scenes agree.

There is a reason why David Cook was the last performance of the night! Cook is above all the rest in this competition. Whether you like him or not, you must appreciate his vision. ”Billie Jean”…WOW! I believe he is going to change American Idol as we know it. He has raised the bar. Karaoke doesn’t exist with David Cook.

At this stage of the competition, every moment is vital. Bad, mediocre, and good just won’t cut it. Syesha Mercado, Michael Johns and David Cook were the elite performers of the evening!

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