Oh, the things a guy will do for a little mackerel. Filipino prisoners recreating Thriller, we see your King of Pop tribute and we raise you one: Witness the best inter-species dance routine since that lady with the dog doing Grease, featuring one amazingly coordinated walrus and his trainer kicking out the MJ jams to “Smooth Criminal”:

So what’s your favorite part — the very first Meerkat Manor-like head bob? The cross-back slide-and-scoot? The oh-no! flippers synced to “bloodstains on the carpet”? For us, it’s the Dom-DeLuise-after-eating-eight-trays-of-lasagna slow-roll back into the water that clinches it. Caveat: If there was any animal cruelty involved in the making of this, we would be really sad, and the joy would be ruined, so let us hope it was all fun and voluntary.