The Return of Jezebel James, Lauren Ambrose, ...

Fox has yanked The Return of Jezebel James, the sitcom starring ParkerPosey and Lauren Ambrose (pictured) from Gilmore Girls creator AmySherman-Palladino, after three episodes. I meant to watch that, becauseI’m a Sherman-Palladino fan, but didn’t. According to EW’s C- review ofthe show, I didn’t miss much, but still… It got me wondering: Whatshows did you fully intend to watch, but for some reason didn’t, andthen felt bad once they got canceled? (Maybe you mourned without everhaving seen an episode, or maybe you saw Newsradio ashow in repeats or on DVD and felt the pain.) If you need inspiration,check out our gallery of Jericho and 30 other TV shows you loved,lost.”