Freddie Mercury
Credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage

I’m loving this rock lyrics quiz at The Morning News (hat tip to Pop Candy), in which each question takes all the words from a well-known song and rearranges them in alphabetical order. Some are easy to guess — besides “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen (pictured, frontman Freddie Mercury), not too many songs use the word “bismillah” — and some are tricky (it helps to pick out words that rhyme or words from the title), but all achieve a wonderful new kind of free-verse poetry; it seems the best lyrics still manage to tell the same story even when the words are shuffled. It’s also fun to see the economy and verbosity of certain lyricists; there’s a James Brown song here that uses just 32 unique words and a Ray Davies tune with just 31, while a certain Bob Dylan epic clocks in at 179 words, with a Bruce Springsteen anthem right behind it at 178.

I scored 47 out of 50. How’d you do?

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