I’ve championed Men in Trees and, okay, just October Road‘s Geoff Stults on PopWatch, but I’d live if ABC decided not to renew these dramas for the fall. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that ABC let Lifetime ponder the idea of taking over the series — but that Lifetime decided against it.

Personally, I can’t blame the cable channel for passing. I’ve been DVR-ing Men in Trees since it returned last month — I skipped one episode entirely and fast-forwarded through another. I enjoy the cast, but none of the storylines are feeling must-see to me. On the other hand, I watched every hour of October Road‘s 13-episode second season — mostly so I’d have something other than “Oh.My.God” to say to Stults if he ever showed up in my office, as promised. That series finale had a couple interesting turns — Aubrey kissed Nick’s brother! Eddie broke up with Janet after she slept with Rooster! Nick thought about someone other than himself (and decided to stay in the Ridge and get the Commander through chemo)! — but I don’t necessarily trust the show to steer out of them properly. It’s an ensemble drama, so screentime must be shared. I get that. But if something is earth-shattering one week (like Hannah deciding to let Big Cat adopt Sam, even though that means she’ll need to get his mystery biological father’s approval), I’d like it mentioned the next week.

THR thinks October Road is a goner, but that ABC might still renew Men in Trees. Should either be saved?