What is it about Deception, the upcoming Hugh Jackman-Ewan McGregor thriller (due April 25), that feels so decidedly early ’90s, like it could’ve been greenlit somewhere after the blockbuster success of Fatal Attraction, but perhaps released a year or two before Basic Instinct? Is it the way Lisa Gay Hamilton (nice to see her in anything, really) layers on the disgust as she snarls the phrase “sex group”? Maybe it’s Hugh Jackman’s power suit and slick hair? Or the kissing in the rain outside a corner Chinese restaurant?

What I don’t quite get is why, in the Internet era, these characters seem all atwitter about a phone-based booty-call network for urban professionals? “No rough stuff and no names”? (Only first initials, apparently!) It’s enough to make me blush, not because of the lurid content, but rather, because the whole setup seems so hammy and embarrassing. And because Oscar-nominated Michelle Williams deserves better.

Can any of you see a good reason for checking out Deception? (And don’t use the Jackman hotness factor when you can on-demand X2 for a fraction of the price.)