The women of ''Desperate Housewives'' ? Here's where Lynette, Susan, Gabby, and Edie's storylines left off before the strike

Lynette Scavo
Her entire family emerged from the tornado unscathed, thanks to neighbor Ida Greenberg, who died during the storm. Lynette nearly got arrested scattering Ida’s ashes.

Susan Mayer
With hubby Mike now in rehab, the mom-to-be was last seen enjoying the domestic perks (home-cooked meals! laundry service!) of letting Bree and husband Orson move in while their home is being repaired.

Gabrielle Solis
Her politico husband, Victor, kicked it (for real). Even worse, she got nada in his will! Gaby also doesn’t yet know that ex-hubby Carlos was permanently blinded in the storm.

Edie Britt
After she heard about Gaby and Carlos’ affair, the scorned woman literally blew away his stashed $10 million in offshore accounts by letting the papers get sucked up in the tornado.

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