Our ''Beverly Hills'' dreams -- We imagine scenarios for The CW's ''90210'' spin-off


Here’s what we know about The CW’s Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off: It centers on Annie and Dixon Mills, who relocate to the zip code from the Midwest and befriend cool kids like Silver (a nascent YouTube star) and Navid (a wannabe journalist). Hmmm…very 2008, but we were hoping for something a little more 1998. Call it an exercise in nostalgia, but we’ve developed our own dream scenarios. Hey, CW, there’s still time to reconsider!

Along with a transfer student from Michigan and a spoiled blond heiress, Kelly Taylor and David Silver’s half sister — budding model/rapper Erin — battles eating disorders, prom dress copycats, and a moody skater boy with a crinkled eyebrow and large sideburns.

Dylan and Valerie McKay have turned the Peach Pit After Dark into a nightclub empire, making them billionaires — and negligent parents. Enter old friend Donna and her hubby, David, who offer to raise their friends’ delinquent young son, James Dean ”J.D.” McKay, at their airy Orange County mansion.

Brenda Walsh has returned, and she’s got a big surprise: She’s had a sex change! Chaos ensues as Brenda — who now calls herself Brendan — reenters her old life and tries to reconcile with her flummoxed brother Brandon. Jason Priestley stars in his first dual TV role.