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Mail from our readers

Golden Nuggets
If Oscar producers want better ratings, the solution is simple: Get Billy Crystal to host again.
Ed Greenberger
Granger, Ind.

Let’s just admit it: The Oscars didn’t do that well ratings-wise because 2007 was filled with smart, introspective films, and the average person would rather see Optimus Prime blow stuff up (”The Oscars”). Let’s applaud the Academy for actually rewarding excellent films this time.
Rose Esposito
New York City

What the Academy needs to do is post an ”edit your own broadcast” feature on the Web, so we can choose which parts to watch. Want to see just the speeches? Click, play, and get your Oscar fix in 20 minutes.
Jeffrey Stuart Martin
Goshen, Ind.

I think award recipients should have their moment in the sun for as long as they see fit, without crassly intrusive music interrupting their thank-yous and reminding them that the viewers at home are getting bored.
David Lampert

I liked your ideas for fixing the Oscars, but you didn’t cite the film industry’s biggest problem: distribution. Other forms of mass media get their product to the masses quickly, whereas middle America must listen to Oscar hype for months before the nominated films come to town. By that point, many people have stopped caring.
Andrew C. Billings
Clemson, S.C.

RIP, La Vie Bohème
I appreciated the wonderful feature on Rent (”One Show Glory”). I’ve seen it more than 100 times over 10 years. You can call me a fanatic, but I feel inspired by its message, and ”Rentheads” like me are counting down to the first revival.
Sandra Budiansky
Hudson, Mass.

This was a fitting tribute to Jonathan Larson, whose work continues to remind us that ”the opposite of war…[is] creation.”
Tina Kazan
Lombard, Ill.

The Girlie Show
Thanks for ”EW’s Latest Aural Fixations” (Music), about the latest crop of female singer-songwriters. Having grown up listening to Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King, I was pleased to find out about the descendants of these great ladies.
Kurt Albrand
Arlington, Mass.

Great job identifying female up-and-comers, though Schuyler Fisk is as buzzworthy as any of the women on your list. And don’t forget about men on the rise, like Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin, and Matt Nathanson.
Scott Lazev
Stratham, N.H.