The lessons learned from ''Celebrity Apprentice'' -- Josh Wolk outlines tips from Donald Trump

It’s Who You Know
In this unsteady economic climate, the most important business skill is the ability to hit up famous friends who will pay $10,000 for a hot dog.
Talent Never Fades
When firing Nadia Comaneci, Trump said, ”I watched you win the Olympics, so obviously you’re highly competitive.” Never mind the intervening 31 years: The girl’s got moxie!
Fight to Keep Talent
He futilely begged Gene Simmons to bring someone fireable into the boardroom so Trump could keep Kiss’ ”great genius.” But the great genius was let loose?to appear in a bootleg porn video.
Stay On Your Toes
When boxer Lennox Lewis was accused of napping through a challenge, Trump leapt to Sleepyboy’s defense: ”I’ve seen Lennox sleepy in the ring — all of a sudden he knocks the guy out!” At the University of Trump, you get an M.B.A. and a fluffy pillow.
Know Your Employees’ Strengths
When someone like The Soprano‘ Vincent Pastore wants to enact an elaborate ”rat” scenario that echoes his one notable role, let him. It will keep him happy, and for one shining moment it will tenuously connect you to quality television.

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