The latest celebrity tell-alls -- A look at memoirs from Helen Mirren, Tori Spelling, and Valerie Bertinelli

By Lynette Rice and Kate Ward
Updated March 21, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

Julie Andrews is not the only star landing in bookstores. We break down the dish from the latest crop of celeb tell-alls, from Oscar winner Helen Mirren to tabloid staple Tori Spelling.

In the Frame
Helen Mirren
The daughter of a Russian-born cabbie, Mirren was raised in an east Essex home with no central heating, refrigerator, or washing machine.
Love Connection
She dated costars (Liam Neeson) and noncelebs (a Pueblo Indian), then wed director Taylor Hackford.
Trash Talk
After sparring with Nicol Williamson during a Stratford run of Macbeth, she criticized English theater in a letter to The Guardian.

Stori Telling
Tori Spelling
The wealthy daughter of TV producer Aaron Spelling received money trees from her godfather, Dean Martin.
Love Connection
She dated costars (Brian Austin Green) and noncelebs (her family’s chef, 11 years her senior), then wed actor Dean McDermott.
Trash Talk
She sparred with her mom, Candy, and began a press war after disapproving of Candy’s too-close relationship with a family friend.

Losing It
Valerie Bertinelli
The only daughter of a GM exec and a stay-at-home mom, Bertinelli made pasta with the women in her family in a basement kitchen.
Love Connection
She dated actor Scott Colomby (Caddyshack), had flings with Dirk Benedict and Steven Spielberg, then wed Eddie Van Halen at 20.
Trash Talk
She sparred with Van Halen for most of their 20-year marriage over his use of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.