Don’t miss the former Kitty Sanchez and current Miss Guided star’s spot-on dramatization of Pretty in Pink‘s heated pre-prom locker encounter. It’s her No. 1 on the Take 5 list below, and it might be better than the movie version. Don’t you wish Judy Greer would float around your cube, reenacting bit parts of your work day?

After last night’s two-episode official “premiere,” I’m a little more on board than Gary was about Miss Guided. I don’t think it’s too steep of a comparison to say the show reminds me of 30 Rock, Scrubs, and Arrested Development (fine, and Samantha Who?) where every line is a joke, but the actors are incredibly earnest while saying things like “I think the expression is ‘Think outside the bun.'” Any show featuring an English teacher named Ms. Germain and tongue-in-cheek product placement for Taco Bell and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon waterpark (!!!) has me hooked. I’m pretty easy that way. “Hot Sub” co-starred Jamie Lynn Spears as a more successful version of herself and Asthon Kutcher as a substitute teacher full of s— (which reminded me of a very special My So-Called Life). In “The List” (hello again, MSCL), Judy’s character accidentally offers a full-on crotch shot to the whole school via an obnoxious gossip blog called Topical! The series deserves a chance, so go watch the full eps on What else do you have to do — respond to an Evite? Just say no!

Hey was this a great “blarg” item or what?