Frisky Dingo Season 1

Perhaps I don’t travel in the right crowd, but I cannot imagine why FRISKY DINGO, the animated series that premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim schedule in 2006, isn’t the object of American Idol-like obsession. The new, no-extras DVD collecting the first season’s 13 episodes introduces us to Dingo‘s two protagonists. First, there’s Killface, an alien supervillain with cloven hooves and a posh British accent. When a human doesn’t know the gender of the poet Shelley, Killface sneers, ”Cheesy crust, where did you go to school?”…and then kills him with a huge gun. Then we have Killface’s chief nemesis, Awesome-X, a clueless human superhero who’s really Xander Crews, the young scion to a multinational corporation he has no interest in running. If Killface’s goal in this first season is to use his new invention, the Annihilatrix, to propel the earth into the sun and thus destroy it, Awesome/Xander’s goal is to defeat Killface to maintain his celebrity. In this way, everything from celebrity status to global warfare is addressed in a delightfully sour manner. Though the show is animated minimally, the wit of Frisky Dingo (the title is a non sequitur) resides entirely in the dialogue and the silences in between. Creators Adam Reed and Matt Thompson are media-satire geniuses.

Frisky Dingo Season 1
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